Our highly experienced surgeons ensure that LASIK procedures performed at thin flap technology. This is achieved using a highly sophisticated, precision engineered, fully automated device for creating predictable flaps. This specialisted instrument is called a microkeratome. We believe flap creation offer the very best outcome for patients. So DREAM EYE CENTER select a ideal one from 5 keratomes considering individual eye features.
Suitable for common eye.
Outstanding ablation.
Design for high stability : Low detachment of corneal flap by positioning its hinge on the upper region.
The most popularized instrument in the world.
Effective for a big pupil.
Stable design even for a small eye.
Safe surgery for a thin cornea :
Thickness of corneal flap 100-110um The thinnest and the most stable corneal flap which can be obtained in the world.
Effective for severe xerophthalmia : positioning the hinge of corneal flap toward nose
Enables to control the size of corneal flap.
Enables to modify cornea which is too steep or too flat.
Enables to control the thickness of corneal flap according to the corneal thickness of a patient : Thickness of corneal flap 100-130um Effective even for a patient having thin cornea.