To achieve comfortable and clear vision withoutside effects, it is important to accurately assess the state of the eyes and select a suitable method and laser type for surgery.
Comfit means Comfort+Good Fit and is the visual acuity corrective surgery brand of DREAM EYE CENTER.
We provide a ““comfortable and suitable”” visual acuity operation to fit your needs.
At Dream Eye Center we have 4 kinds of laser machines and 6 types of microkeratome machines that allow us to create 24 different options just for you and your eyes! This allows us truly customized eye surgery system just for you.
At Dream Eye Center, we match you with a doctor who follows you from exam to surgery to follow-up. It is a one to one relationship. Also, you will be provided with an optometrist who will assist you. We will be with you each step of the way! All your questions and concerns are important and will be addressed. An informed patient is a happy patient!
We provide a comprehensive assessment that includes 24 different exams to ascertain what your personal needs are. Your welfare is important to us. The exams allow us to predict complications before surgery and to allow us to make adjustments prior to going any further. We will not recommend you for surgery if you are not a good candidate. We guide you every step of the way!
Follow-up visits are important for long term success. We provide examinations for stable and positive results after your operation. If there is any eye discomfort as a result of laser eye surgery, you can visit us regardless of when your surgery was performed. Don‘t wait for a regularly scheduled visit! You can always visit Dream Eye Center! We are always available for you!