PRP (blood serum) Lasek? Wavefront Lasek? Pain-free (ASA) Lasek? M-Lasek?
Want to receive Lasek surgery but confused with too many different types of Lasek?
Dream Eye Center's All Dream Lasek includes PRP (blood serum) Lasek, Wavefront Lasek, Pain-free (ASA) Lasek, M-Lasek with best medical procedures.
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It is made from patient's own blood. After separation of red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet with centrifuge, the blood serum will be at the top. In blood serum contain growth factor and anti-inflammatory and etc... that help fast recovery process and reduce pain.
Pain-free Lasek uses cooling gas system to freeze cornea during laser ablation.
Recovery process is fast and reduces pain due to release of pain mediators.
M-Lasek uses Mitomycin C solution. Mitomycin C solution will apply after laser ablation to prevent corneal scar and regression.
Each individual eye has uniqueness like a fingerprint. Wavefront laser can correct total aberrations with even high order aberrations. This procedure is very precise to optimize your vision an avoid night vision side effects such as night glares and halos.
Could not receive Lasik surgery.
Myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia are possible

*Thin cornea with high myopia
*High myopia with thin cornea
*Active contact sports player
*Small eyes for Lasik