Autologous serum eye drop is made from a patient’s own blood. After patient draws blood, separation of red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet with centrifuge, the blood serum will be at the top.
In blood serum contain growth factor and anti-inflammatory and etc…that help fast recovery process after LASEK surgery.
Draw blood
Separation of blood
Collection blood serum
Completion of autologous serum eye drop.
Centrifuge / Separation of blood by centrifuge
1~2 bottles of eye drops could be made by one time blood collection. Unused eye drops are needed to be kept in the freezer until use.
In use eye drop must keep in the refrigerator around 4 ℃ to prevent from infection and it’s recommended to use for 1 week.
Wrap eye drop with foil to avoid UV light.
Helps for fast recovery and reduce pain.
Suits best for your eyes since it made by your own blood.
Autologus serum eye drop contains protein; careful not get contaminated
Inconvenient to store. (Hard to carry around)