This surgery involves almost the same procedure as LASEK. The only difference is an additional treatment (Mitomycin) used during surgery. Microscopic haze, generally unnoticed by the patient, is normal for a few weeks following the surgery. It clears as the eye heals. However, it occasionally appears more noticeably or lasts longer than normal. High LASEK corrections are more likely to result in haze. Mitomycin reduces the incidence and severity of haze.
The surgical area is marked and a 20% alcohol solution is applied to the corneal epithelium.
The alcohol loosens a layer of epithelium which is then easily removed.
A laser reshapes the cornea curvature by ablation.
In the case of M-LASEK : Treatment with a diluted solution of Mitomycin within 30 seconds of laser ablation prevents corneal haze.
A protective lens is applied to the reshaped cornea.
Eye drop
Use 2 kinds of eye drops: antibiotic and anti-inflammatory as doctors prescribe.
You should use anti-inflammatory drops for 5~6 months
Eye shield
Use an eye shield while sleeping for 1 week.
Face washing and bathing
Do not wash your face for 3 days. Washing your face must be done with care for 2 days after protective lens removal. Strong jets of water can disturb the eyes and soapy water may get into the eyes, causing patients to rub their eyes. You may visit a public bath, sauna, or steam bath 4 weeks after the procedure.
Make up
Do not wear make-up for at least 3 days post surgery. Do not wear eye make-up for 10 days post surgery. You may perm or dye your hair after one month.
You should drive carefully for the first several days.
Do not participate in sports involving physical contact (e.g., soccer, basketball, etc.) for at least 1 month. You may do general exercise (jogging or weight-lifting) after 7 days. You may swim after 1 month. It is advisable to wear swimming goggles while swimming. Sometimes dry eyes feel worse after swimming. Patients must take care to not bump their eyes for at least 1 month.
Everyday life
Try not to rub or blink your eyes roughly for the first week following surgery. Don’t continuous read or watch TV, because you can feel eye fatigue faster than before the operation. Reading books or watching TV for 50 mins or less is possible. And then, It should be followed by 10 minutes of rest by closing one’s eyes or focusing on objects at 6 meter distances. It’s advisable to avoid alcohol for 1 week and to avoid intoxication for 1 month. Avoid gardening or going to places with a lot of dust for the first week following surgery. Smoking is possible, but your eyes may be sensitive to smoke.